7 Perpetuating Factors of Pain

7 Perpetuating Factors of Pain by Ben Crabtree, LMT, CNMT

In my San Antonio, Texas based Massage Therapy and Bodywork practice I’m often asked by clients how it is that I assess clients and approach my work. There are a number of methods I use but when it comes to musculoskeletal pain one set of guidelines are “The 7 Perpetuating Factors of Pain”. These factors were originally presented to me during my training in Neuromuscular Therapy and Medical Massage and are based on the work of Drs. Janet Travell and David Simons (and others). By keeping these factors in mind during assessments and treatment a Massage Therapist’s potential to help the client increases tremendously. The factors are:

1) Ischemia
2) Trigger Points
3) Nerve Compression or Entrapment
4) Postural Distortion
5) Biomechanical Dysfunction
6) Stress
7) Nutrition

Each of these factors plays a part in a person’s musculoskeletal pain. Any one of these factors can be the sole cause of pain, but usually a person will have more than one factor at work – sometimes all of them.

ISCHEMIA is a local deficiency of blood supply and the oxygen transported by the blood. Ischemia can occur for a variety of reasons including direct injury to tissues, abnormally tight or overworked muscles, clothing or shoes that are too tight, or even off-the-shelf splints for tennis elbow. Specialized nerve receptors in muscles report pain in ischemic areas due to chemical changes that occur.

TRIGGER POINTS are hyperirritable spot in a muscle associated with a palpable “knot”. Trigger Points are painful on compression and can refer pain and tenderness to other areas. Trigger Points are usually ischemic and often cause an entire muscle to be too tight, weak, and more easily fatigued. Trigger Points can be caused by overworking or overstressing muscles, direct trauma to muscles, or even chills.

NERVE COMPRESSIONS and ENTRAPMENTS are areas of abnormal pressure on nerves which can cause pain, numbness and tingling, or muscle weakness. A Nerve Compression occurs when a hard tissue such as a vertebrae or vertebral disc directly presses on a nerve. A more common occurance is a Nerve Entrapment. Nerve Entrapments occur when a soft tissue such as muscle, tendon, ligament, or fascia abnormally press on a nerve. An example of a nerve compression would be sciatica. Examples of a nerve entrapment include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and the lesser known Piriformis Syndrome, but encompass a wide variety of painful conditions.

POSTURAL DISTORTIONS are another factor contributing to musculoskeletal pain. Distortions such as the head being to far forward, leg length discrepancies, or an elevated shoulder cause muscular imbalances and joint abnormalities which lead to pain.

BIOMECHANICAL DYSFUNCTIONS include joints that are either excessively mobile (hypermobile) or have an abnormally limited range of motion. These Biomechanical Dysfunctions cause pain in the joints themselves and contribute to some of the other perpetuating factors including postural distortion, ischemia, and trigger points.

STRESS may be the most common of all perpetuating factors of pain. A person experiencing physical, mental, emotional or spiritual stress produces larger amounts of stress hormones and usually has a nervous system that’s in overdrive – fight or flight syndrome. Stress leads to pain in so many ways that it’s impractical to list them here; however, stress can cause pretty much all of the other perpetuating factors.

NUTRITION is one area often overlooked in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. Unfortunately, Massage Therapists are seldom trained, qualified, or legally able to provide nutritional advice. However, most Massage Therapists, including myself, do know healthcare professionals in their locale to help with the nutritional side of treating pain. These professionals often find that there are nutritional deficiencies just a Drs. Travell and Simons did during their research.

Treatment regimens that address all of the 7 Perpetuating Factors of Pain tend to be more successful and long lasting. Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers who can identify these factors in clients can assist the client in attaining pain relief with better posture, better joint movement, reduced stress, released trigger points and ischemia.
Ben Crabtree is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, and Neuromuscular Therapy Instructor in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Crabtree’s practice is dedicated to relieving pain and dysfunction using Neuromuscular Therapy, Medical Massage and other bodywork techniques. Mr. Crabtree may be reached through his website http://www.massagebyben.com or by email at info@massagebyben.com
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5 Natural Ways To Cure High Blood Pressure by Javier Fuller

High blood pressure is one of the major diseases in the USA today. There are more obese people in America than they were two decades ago. Americans are seized of the issue and they know that something tangible needs to be done to check the blood pressure menace.

As a result, a plenty of over the counter medications and injections for treating high blood pressure are available today. But then many are their side effects as well. There are instances when the remedy has become worst than the disease. So what precisely can be done to cure your blood pressure problem? Well, nature’s grace can be highly used to cure blood pressure disorders. Take note of some points.

1.In this context, red grapefruits are supposed to be the best to check and finally cure high blood pressure. If red grapefruits are not available, grapefruits are the second choice. Avoid tinned grapefruit as it is to be treated as junk food.

2.Start a regular exercise schedule, and within a short period, you will wonder where your high blood pressure has gone. Yes, it is that simple. Only you are making the issue more and more complicated, by your wrong living.

3.Apart from the physical exercises, if you chalk out a program for you breathing exercises and meditation, your will not only solve your blood pressure problems, you will be in a position to advise others about taking care of the blood pressure problem, once and for all. The reformed you, will be the reformer.

4.Research confirms that sodium and salt are out to increase your blood pressure. Cut the intake, to the extent you can. This step will create a lot of difference.

5.Exercise and meditate! The astounding growth of Yoga teaching centers in USA reflects that the right message regarding the immense benefits of physical exercises has percolated through the American society. Yoga is definitely going to cure your blood pressure and other body ailments.
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Where does it come from, how you reinforce it, and how can you modify your life’s argument

life’s argument, transactional analysis, self improvement

It is important to emphasize that contrary to some inferior animals that have a minimum margin to deflect the kind of life that they have genetically programmed, the human being goes building its Life’s Argument little by little, starting from his first infantile experiences.

This appraisement of our first years experience, as the decisive ones to determine the kind of life that we will have to live, takes us then inevitably, to conclude that, we come to this world with the widest possibilities for the kind of life that we will have, but this initial readiness, will be impaired little by little by:

  • The kind of parents that we have
    The fact of having or not siblings, how many are they, what is our position among them (the bigger, the middle one, the smaller)
    The relatives that we have
    The school to which we are sent

Summarizing, all those social relationships that will allow us to become an autonomous human being, developing the full of our capacities, or in a submissive robot, restricted in its freedom by thousand external factors. (I have omitted the mention of the Karma that also determines the characteristics of our existence, to simplify the understanding of this book)

The Life’s Argument, according to Dr. Eric Berne is:

“A program in action, developed in the first childhood, under the parental influence, that directs the individual’s behavior in the most important aspects in his life.”

In this definition it is necessary to clarify that Dr. Berne understands as the parental influence: the one that is exercised on a child not only by his parents, but also the biggest siblings, grandparents, uncles, cousins, teachers, and other adults that have being important in that boy’s childhood.

This unconscious plan will be built from a very early age, with the scarce capacity to appropriately value the reality that can have a small boy.

For that reason the resulting Life’s Argument won’t always be adapted to the received stimuli (in an adult’s opinion) In fact the only thing that it really cares, is how the boy has felt those situations, what did the boy thought and sense. That could be something very different, from what will feel another brother of the same family, since…

The individual experience, it doesn’t depend on the quantity of situations that we have crossed, but of our intellectual and emotional elaboration about them

In fact the experience depends on what impresses us, and of what we feel and think (conscious or unconsciously) on those situations.

The conclusion of these statements is really startling, because it is that:

Each one of the most important aspects in our existence will be resolved, conditioned, by our infantile experiences in the first five years of our life.

And the investigations made about this so far, seem to confirm this theory, leaving to our comfort a small crack of possibilities to avoid this programming like:

If the messages that we received weren´t too intense

If we go through experiences strong enough to shake the foundations of our life’s argument

Living a great love

Living in a war

We can also modify our Argument by means of the psychotherapy, the self-analysis or the mind control.

To this point of the outline, it seems logical to wonder why do we have a Life’s Argument?

And the answer is that each family moves inside its own reference points, inside its own values scale and customs, and they want their children to adapt to their own vision of the existence.

Then the family will be devoted to reinforce the entire behavior, thoughts and boy’s emotions that are framed inside this outline, and it will punish or will ignore all those that move away from it.

This way little by little, the children will learn what is it that is expected from him, and will begin to adapt to the parental commands, so to enjoy the indulgence and the caresses of those adults that are important for him (parental figures according to Berne). And the children will adapt themselves even though they have to resign their personal preferences, including their own health or his life, in extreme cases.

In later stages the Life’s Argument continues existing unchanged for two reasons:

Because having an Argument will save us from the uncertainty sensation that would take place, if we have to make a new decision before each situation that we are presented.

Because in our desire of pleasing the parental figures, we will surround ourselves with the necessary human environment, to be able to take our Argument ahead. This will in turn be a conditioning factor, so that we don’t leave the Argument, because we would become unaccepted by the environment that we have chosen.

With this said I don’t want, to make you think in a predetermined future. The Life’s Argument doesn’t take us to a predictable future, but rather it is something similar to a recorded tape that will reproduce the same melody every time that we put it. A cassette that will facilitate us the same reaction every time that the same stimuli is presented to us, and that also, will take us to choose the stimuli that allow us to use that cassette, among a certain margin of creativity and freedom.

The maximum exponent of the freedom that we have, is our capacity to change our infantile’s argument, for another one more adapted to our mature necessities.

All this takes us then to take conscience of the enormous importance that has in our lives, something about what we are not very accustomed to think: The Subconscious Mind.

Our subconscious mind works during the twenty-four hours of the day, and this way it can become the most formidable ally with which we could dream of, or the most terrible enemy when its Life’s Argument doesn’t coincide with our current plans for life.

Nevertheless the internal structuring that the Life´s Argument provides us, it isn’t the final point to the planning of our existence, but rather our existence will unwrap with a constant feedback of the programmed tendencies.

This feedback takes place:

Through the contact with the appropriate people
With the constant living inside thought outlines, that takes us to achieve what our program needs, and to avoid what can alter it.

Said in another way:

In order that our programming keeps being effective, it needs our

constant daily support, through the thought forms that reinforce it

And precisely this is why practicing every day meditation and motivation, can help you modify your existence.

This article is part of The Secret of Success

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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The Truth About Macrobiotic Diets & Health

Let’s read about macrotiotic diet’s history, and macrobiotics relations with health and ki energy

macrobiotics, macrobiotic healing, macrobiotic and ki, macrobiotic diet, diet
Macrobiotic Diet’s History

A Macrobiotic Diet is a natural approach to health and healing. Although it is manily known as a balanced diet, it is actually a way of life that involves every area of human activity in the search of personal growth, and body, mind and spirit transformation, because the food we eat not only sustains life, but also underlies our health and happiness.

Sagen Ishizuka, a japanese army doctor that lived around the end of the last century was who first establiched a theory of nutrition and medicine based on the traditional oriental diet.

He was a sick man that suffered from kidney and skin desease, so in order to restore his health he sudied extensively both western and eastern medicine, and compiled his lifelong study conclutions in two books: “Chemical Theory of Longevity” (published in 1896) and “Diet for Health” (published in 1898)

He cured thousands of patiens by having them eat a traditional diet based on brown rice, and a variety of land and sea vegetables, and his healing technique was based on the recognition of the following five principles:
Foods are the foundation of health and happines
Sodium and potassium are the primary antagonistic and complementary elements in food, and they most strongly determine ist character or “ying yang” quality
Grain is the staple food of man
Food should be unrefined, whole and natural
Food should be grown locally and eaten in season

Macrobiotic diets in its modern form was first spread through the world by Mr. George Ohwasa (1897 – 1966), that after becoming acquainted with this way of thinking (he learned it from two of Mr Ishizuka’s disciples: Manabu Nishibata and Shojiro Goto) at the age of eighteen in several months cured himself of a number “incurable” sickness, including a terminal tuberculosis.

When Mr Ohwasa established his own organization, he devoted himself more to the teaching of the yina and yang philosophy rather than the direct treatment of the sick.

Macrobiotic Diets And Health

In Greek, macro means: “big or great” and biotic means: “concerning life” so the word refers to the big view of life, and it invites us to learn the underlying unity of nature.

The macrobiotic diet approach to healing simply involves providing the proper material and allowing the body to heal itself, though it is not parimarily a diet for curing sichnes or a new fad, it is a way of life based on the understanding of the rhythm, the ebb and flow of nature, it is a way of living towards happiness.

A macrobiotic diet can be used as a method of dealing with symptomatic health problems, or it can become your way of eating. As a matter of fact many of the macrobiotic diet healing methods are only effective if you change your way of eating to a macrobiotic diet.

However, some of the macrobiotic diet’s healing methods are so poweful that anyone can be helped with them (although only temporarily). But if you start eating macrobiotically you will stop needing the symptomatic treatements, because your daily way of eating will gradually eliminate the toxins and excesses from your body (although you can use the symptomatic treatements to speed up the healing process).

Oriental doctors have used herbs, acupuncture, homeopatic preparations and related techniques for thousands of years to deal with symptoms and sickness, and they always considered the daily diet as the basic tool to approach health problems.

The modern medicine and dieatary principles is changing every year. New techniques and new medications are introduced every year while others are abandoned in an endless dance where many of those medicaments have found to have side effects (or even produce new sickness) and year after year they become more and more expensive.

But the main difference between traditional and modern medicine, is that modern medicine looks for the active chemical ingredients that might be used to produce tablets, but do not consider the nutritional ingredients (such as vitamins or protein contents) or the acids and enzymes, as part of the healing properties of natural products.

Macrobiotic Diets And KI

When a food item is considered as a possible medication, an oriental doctor will always consider the energy of that food (also called KI), and this energy can be different in two foods that are chemically identical and for example they have a different shape.

KI in Japan, CHI in China or GEE in Korea, could be translated as “electromagnetic charge” or “vibration” and oriental doctors have studied for centuries what kind of ki each food item is made of, and what kind of ki-energy produce in our body when we consume them.

Following the same line of thought, they tried to understand symptoms and sickness as ki patterns, and developed ways to influence it through the use of shiatsu, moxibustion, energy healing, acupuncture, herbal medicine and so on. Oriental cultures, sciences, medicines, philosophies and religions, know since thousands of years ago that everything that exists is ki. Everything is energy, waves, vibration. And the difference between the material world and the spiritual world is only a difference in the ki density.

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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The Buddhism says that there are two kinds of fear:

  • the appropriate fear
  • the inappropriate fear

A fear is appropriate when it is based in a danger of real existence, regarding which you can take measures to avoid it. Like the person that stops to eat red meats because he is afraid of lowering his spiritual vibrations.

The inappropriate fear is the one that arises from things that can not harm us, as having fear to a cockroach; or that we can not avoid, as being afraid to age. This kind of fear takes us to depress, and paralyzes us.

  • Everybody has many fears:
  • Fear of being socially rejected
  • Fear to make a mistake
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of suffering damages
  • Fear to don not find a couple or fear to the solitude
  • Fear to lose the couple that we have
  • Fear to get sick
  • Fear of critic
  • Fear to lose our job
  • Fear to the accidents
  • Fear to lose a loved one
  • Fear of poverty
  • Fear of death
  • Fear to the ridicule
  • Inexplicable fears
  • etc.

But in fact most of the fears have their root in an erroneous form of perceiving ourselves and the world that surrounds us, that is to say that they have a mental origin, and that´s why if we learn how to control our thoughts, we can finish with them.

The appropriate fear is a kind of fear that warns us that something is dangerous (like jumping to the street from a third floor, or to drink in excess). When the fear is appropriate, it is good to take conscience of a real danger, and to do the things that we should do to avoid it. For example if we are afraid of not being able to have a son, we can work our mind to avoid it.

If a person addicted to gambling has enough fear of taking his family to the bankruptcy and be left alone, he will go to therapy meetings that can help him to abandon his bad habit. But if he is not afraid of the consequences of his addiction, he will finish creating the conditions so that it happens to him what he fears.

As well as the one that drinks in excess can finish being alcoholic, we are all exposed to suffer pains, to wrinkle, to gray with the age and finally to die, reason why it doesn’t make sense to fear it, but rather we should get mentally and spiritually ready for it.


Many people spend their life being afraid with no reason, in fact this happens to everybody, and if you think in which are those things that you feared in the last months, you will discover that 85% of them never happened.

Being permanently afraid prevents us to be ourselves, it prevents us to live in harmony, and it can also become paralyzing, like the people that fear to leave their houses, or fear to get ill.

Imagine that you go walking at night for a dark street, and suddenly you find that somebody is following you. You look back and you see that indeed a person comes walking behind you. Then you begin to be afraid that it might reach and assault you, and you imagine that besides assaulting you it can injure you. And if you are woman, you might think that you are in risk of being raped.

So when you notice that the other person accelerates the step, you begin to suffer each second until the other one finally walks by your side without even taking a glance at you.

Many fears are real because they exist like feelings, you feel that fear, but they are only a product of your negative thoughts.

And the truth is that most of the fears that we suffer daily belong to this second group: they are children of the negative thoughts.

When the illness, distress, accidents, death, and other negative thoughts come to our head, we should learn how to eliminate them before they can take control on us.

Our life is the product of our thoughts and who only has terrorizing thoughts can only hope to suffer fear. But as our life it is the product of our thoughts, when we think about terrorizing things we not only will start to suffer the physical consequences of being afraid, but rather will also attract that that we fear..

The world doesn’t exist separated from our mind, but rather it is a projection of our mind, just as it happens during the dreaming time. And as it happens with the worst dreams, when we wake up everything finishes.

When we sleep, all that happens during the dream seems as real as what happens to us when we are awake, and when we are awake, we find the things that frighten us real, because they are real, but only in our mind.

We think of terrorizing things and we get afraid, we think of pleasant things and we feel pleasure, but everything has originated in our mind, and with the control of the mind it can originate or not, or at least it can be eliminated when it arises.

Everybody owns within himself the power to combat his fears!

If your you suffer fear you can eliminate it practicing with my CD: Miedo

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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Do You Suffer Fear Of Success?

Do you realize that if you have fear of success, you want be able to reach success?

Does The Fear Of Success Exist?

There are many ideas that are not easy to accept, and one of the worst is the idea that we can not have the success that we look for, because we are afraid of success. It is frequent to see how people that are working on their life´s argument, as a way of approaching more quickly to the goals that they have, when they begin to practice what they have learned, and begin to come closer to their goals, all of a sudden they stop practicing the techniques. Why do they do that?

Simply because they are afraid that their new behaviors might take them toward some kind of unknown danger. After having lived a life filled with frustrations, they find difficult to accept the idea that they will leave the group of the failures; and happens many times because since they were small they got used to be criticized and the blame feelings.

The parents influence on this is so big that if we wanted to novelize an example, we could say that if someone gives a blue shirt and a green shirt to a seven year-old future winner, when he puts on the blue shirt they will tell him “How happy I am that you like the blue shirt”, but to a future failure they will say “you put on the blue shirt, don’t you like the green one?”.

With this example I want to highlight that it is very frequent to see that in some families, the parents have the tendency to do not notice what the child do, but do notice what we don’t do, or do bad.

I would say that for many, success is as strange as a martian; and then they think things like: “It’s better something bad and well known that something good to be known” or “Better a bird in hand than a hundred flying” or
“The changes are dangerous” or “The changes are bad”

All our culture seems to tell us that it is better to escape from the success that to cohabit with a stranger.

The Life’s Argument

Every time that we abandon an old behavior, although it could have been extremely pernicious for us, we feel a strange sensation of loss, of bereavement; because we are so used to love us that we even love those behaviors that damage us.

When the patterns of the failure break, we feel anxiety, something like an emptiness sensation. Our conscious mind is congratulated to have overcome a problem, and at the same time our subconscious mind cries the loss of a well-known one.

This is in fact the point where practicing mind control reaches its maximum value like a catapult toward a better life, because in that moment we will really need, the support of all that helps us to change, and to move from fear to success.

Our Inner Guardian

Our subconscious mind recognizes only one master, and it’s the guardian of our Life’s Argument. That guardian’s mission is to watch over our existence, and to control that nothing changes, to verify that each one of our behaviors responds to some pattern fixed in our past. That way our waste of energy will be minimum, and everything will continue perfectly predictable and sure, perhaps it won’t please us a lot, perhaps it won’t please us at all, but we will feel sure!

It is our guardian who produces the emptiness sensation, the sadness, the anxiety and fundamentally the fear, fear to change, fear of success.

Our guardian doesn’t give up easily, he doesn’t stop making us feel fear of success, because HE feels fear of success, and only the familiarity with success can calm him, only if we get used to the idea of being praised, we can begin to accept that that ET is a good partner, or even that it is a better partner than those that we have had up to now.

But meanwhile, our inner guardian not only will provoke us fear, but even perspirations, nausea, pains and varied symptoms of uneasiness. These are the consequences of our fear of success, but they are also the signs that we are beginning to change.

Suppose that you have already taken a step toward the success.. What Will it happen then? It will happen that our guardian simply gets calmer because he is receiving the caress of the commendation. But he doesn’t leave, and neither it changes ideas, but rather stays in trap attitude, to see what it is that happens.

He is willing to accept our new success momentarily, but it is not willing to accept the presence of a bigger success. Every time that we attempt an important new step to the front, our fear of success will reappear. But then we will have a new advantage, and that will be that not only we will have tasted the victory, but we will have made ourselves to the idea, that the success is also waiting for us.

The Terror To Failure

Another great reason for the fear of success, is our terror to failure. We are generally so afraid to fail that we rather give up our dreams, than to suffer another defeat. But the defeat is not an enemy but a teacher, and we should learn to listen and incorporate its message; we should stop to join forces to attempt it again.

Once I read that when a weights lifter tries to break a mark and it doesn’t achieve it, he doesn’t continue trying and frustrating himself, but rather lowers the weight, practices some time with that lower weight, and when he feels sure again, he tries to conquer its own mark again.

The reality is that there isn’t something like warranted happiness, and the great difference between the winner and the failure, is that the winner faces problems and fears the same as the failure, but the winner overcomes, he learns and it continues ahead.

With this I don’t mean that it is impossible to stop making errors. There are many people that haven´t made a single error for years. And to be part of this group that is not afraid of success because it never makes errors, you need only one thing: to die. : -)

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

Author of THE SECRET of The Magic Lamp and it’s 42 Self Help CD with Subliminal Messages, that can be found at http://www.drbonomi.com”

Dr. Bonomi’s CD 32 is about Fear