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The Buddhism says that there are two kinds of fear:

  • the appropriate fear
  • the inappropriate fear

A fear is appropriate when it is based in a danger of real existence, regarding which you can take measures to avoid it. Like the person that stops to eat red meats because he is afraid of lowering his spiritual vibrations.

The inappropriate fear is the one that arises from things that can not harm us, as having fear to a cockroach; or that we can not avoid, as being afraid to age. This kind of fear takes us to depress, and paralyzes us.

  • Everybody has many fears:
  • Fear of being socially rejected
  • Fear to make a mistake
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of suffering damages
  • Fear to don not find a couple or fear to the solitude
  • Fear to lose the couple that we have
  • Fear to get sick
  • Fear of critic
  • Fear to lose our job
  • Fear to the accidents
  • Fear to lose a loved one
  • Fear of poverty
  • Fear of death
  • Fear to the ridicule
  • Inexplicable fears
  • etc.

But in fact most of the fears have their root in an erroneous form of perceiving ourselves and the world that surrounds us, that is to say that they have a mental origin, and that´s why if we learn how to control our thoughts, we can finish with them.

The appropriate fear is a kind of fear that warns us that something is dangerous (like jumping to the street from a third floor, or to drink in excess). When the fear is appropriate, it is good to take conscience of a real danger, and to do the things that we should do to avoid it. For example if we are afraid of not being able to have a son, we can work our mind to avoid it.

If a person addicted to gambling has enough fear of taking his family to the bankruptcy and be left alone, he will go to therapy meetings that can help him to abandon his bad habit. But if he is not afraid of the consequences of his addiction, he will finish creating the conditions so that it happens to him what he fears.

As well as the one that drinks in excess can finish being alcoholic, we are all exposed to suffer pains, to wrinkle, to gray with the age and finally to die, reason why it doesn’t make sense to fear it, but rather we should get mentally and spiritually ready for it.


Many people spend their life being afraid with no reason, in fact this happens to everybody, and if you think in which are those things that you feared in the last months, you will discover that 85% of them never happened.

Being permanently afraid prevents us to be ourselves, it prevents us to live in harmony, and it can also become paralyzing, like the people that fear to leave their houses, or fear to get ill.

Imagine that you go walking at night for a dark street, and suddenly you find that somebody is following you. You look back and you see that indeed a person comes walking behind you. Then you begin to be afraid that it might reach and assault you, and you imagine that besides assaulting you it can injure you. And if you are woman, you might think that you are in risk of being raped.

So when you notice that the other person accelerates the step, you begin to suffer each second until the other one finally walks by your side without even taking a glance at you.

Many fears are real because they exist like feelings, you feel that fear, but they are only a product of your negative thoughts.

And the truth is that most of the fears that we suffer daily belong to this second group: they are children of the negative thoughts.

When the illness, distress, accidents, death, and other negative thoughts come to our head, we should learn how to eliminate them before they can take control on us.

Our life is the product of our thoughts and who only has terrorizing thoughts can only hope to suffer fear. But as our life it is the product of our thoughts, when we think about terrorizing things we not only will start to suffer the physical consequences of being afraid, but rather will also attract that that we fear..

The world doesn’t exist separated from our mind, but rather it is a projection of our mind, just as it happens during the dreaming time. And as it happens with the worst dreams, when we wake up everything finishes.

When we sleep, all that happens during the dream seems as real as what happens to us when we are awake, and when we are awake, we find the things that frighten us real, because they are real, but only in our mind.

We think of terrorizing things and we get afraid, we think of pleasant things and we feel pleasure, but everything has originated in our mind, and with the control of the mind it can originate or not, or at least it can be eliminated when it arises.

Everybody owns within himself the power to combat his fears!

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Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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